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TABASCO® on any ONE (1) any flavor of TABASCO® Family of Flavors®, 5 oz. or larger.

exp: 9/30/2019


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Product UPC
Pepper Sauce, Original Flavor 00011210000032
Pepper Sauce, Original Flavor 00011210000155
Bloody Mary Mix 00011210000216
Salsa, Medium 00011210001053
Salsa, Hot 00011210001060
Salsa, Chipotle Pepper 00011210001084
Salsa, Medium 00011210001329
Salsa, Hot 00011210001343
Salsa, Chipotle Pepper 00011210001367
Bloody Mary Mix, Extra Spicy 00011210001527
Hot Sauce, Buffalo Style 00011210002500
Pepper Jelly, Spicy 00011210003101
Pepper Jelly, Jalapeno, Mild 00011210003156
Chili Starter, Homestyle, 7 Spice, Original 00011210004009
Chili Starter, Homestyle, 7 Spice, Spicy 00011210004054
Habanero Sauce, Hot! 00011210006102
Pepper Sauce, Sweet & Spicy 00011210006607
Pepper Sauce, Sweet & Spicy 00011210006706
Sauce, Pepper, Garlic Flavor 00011210007055
Pepper Sauce, Chipotle 00011210007703
Teriyaki Sauce, Spicy 00011210008182
Salt, Spicy 00011210008199
Worcestershire, Spicy 00011210008250
Pepper Sauce, Sriracha 00011210008328
Olives, Stuffed Spanish, Hot & Spicy 00011210008359
Whole Manzanilla Spanish Olives, Spicy 00011210008366
Steak Sauce 00011210009103
Steak Sauce, Caribbean Style 00011210009127
Grilling/Marinating Sauce, Garlic 00011210009165
Soy Sauce, Spicy 00011210009189
Pepper Sauce, Green 00011210009301
Sauce, Spicy Bar-B-Que, South Louisiana Style 00011210020108
Spicy Beans, South Louisiana Style 00011210020207
Sliced Jalapeno, Nacho Slices 00011210021259
Ketchup, Spicy 00011210021501
Mayonnaise, Spicy 00011210023000
Mustard, Coarse Ground, Hot 00011210023604
Mustard, Spicy Brown, Hot 00011210023659
Okra, Pickled, Spicy 00011210024007
Pickles, Sliced, Hot 'N Sweet 00011210025554
Pickles, Spicy Dill with Garlic, Sliced 00011210025608
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